McFadden Engineering Integrates Sustainable Infrastructure Design into Vehicle Wash Station

January 27, 2024

Civil engineers are at the forefront of designing sustainable infrastructure solutions that minimize environmental impact while also developing solutions for their clients. Mobile, Alabama-based McFadden Engineering is no exception. The McFadden Engineering team works daily to integrate principles of sustainability into every stage of their projects, from site selection to construction techniques and material choices. By employing innovative design and process practices, the McFadden Engineering team has helped their clients optimize water and wastewater management, reduce energy and water consumption and meet embrace and exceed compliance protocols. Recently, the McFadden team was asked to design a vehicle wash station for a local lumber company.

Problem: Jasper Lumber Company Truck Wash Runoff

Jasper Lumber Company (JLC) desired to construct a vehicle wash for facility personnel to wash and clean equipment, limiting site runoff and distribution of pollutants throughout the facility. The vehicle wash area is intended to collect the wash water runoff and treat it before discharging the water to the sewer connection at the facility.  Although there were no effluent requirements from the system, JLC wished to treat the wastewater from the vehicle wash before discharge.

Solution: Filtration System Design with Settling Pit for Vehicle Wash

McFadden Engineering designed a settling or “mud pit” for the collection of solids generated from vehicle washing activities. From this pit, water is drained to pre-treatment/settling tanks with filtration units to further remove suspended solids from the wash water. An oil-water separator for removal of oil and grease before the treated water flowed to an effluent pump station where the treated water was transferred to the sanitary sewer system.

The client was now able to wash their trucks without contaminating their yard, as well as prevent secondary pollutants from impacting the environment via runoff. As a bonus, the effluent from the wash station went through a voluntary pretreatment process, further assisting wastewater Infrastructure.

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McFadden Engineering provided the following services as part of the project:

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